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The New Multi Polar World.                                              Putin stands as the potent Anti Political Correctness leader of the New Multi Polar World Order not relying on USD as World Reserve Currency but support alternativa to our present FIAT Monetary system doomed to bust when confidence fails! A better Non Enslaved World without likes of the Rothshilds!

15 Aug

Putin is the Potent Anti Political Correctness=Enslavement! An Hero of our time against the Zionist Illuminati threat and a leader in The New Multi Polar World Order!

15 Aug

Merkel Madness

9 Aug


25 Jan

Bitcoin Mint

Bitcoin invented 2009 by Satashi Nakamoto from Japan.

Last year was the real entrance of BITCOIN as a Cryptograhic Currency to a broader Market. It´s value surged from

14USD to  a max. 1200USD/Bitcoin from January to November. Amount of BITCOINS today 12.3 milj with max volume

limited to 21 milj mints. Quickly getting “Mainstream” with constantly rising number of people involved in transactions.

FED Bernanki have expressed positive comments on Bitcoin as Crypto currency! Austrian Economics with Hayek is

positive to a parallel Internet Currency like BITCOIN. Founder of Swedish Pirate Party Mr RICK FALKVINGE with others

are supporters and thinks value in next few years can increase at least 1000 times!!!Wow! He recently in an article forwarded

how BITCOIN can bring down the USD! Bitcoin can break current cycle of borrowing=DEBT and overspending as today most purchasing of goods is converted to USD before buying  ex from China. If a chainbreak occurs USD can theoretically Collapse!

The US is accepting Bitcoin in congress as demonstrated in last Nov. Hearing on virtual Currencies. Treasury Secretary LEW

is asking for a Global conversation on matter as it threatens FED monopoly on US sales transactions.

ATM Reality

The Country most positive in Europe is the UK! Very shortly early February a first European ATM for BITCOIN will be

open in LONDON Centre.

ATM Bitcoin London

Taxing status of Bitcoin in UK will change from tradable voucher into “Private Money” and eliminate heavy profit TAX and with reduced VAT liability. This will boost Bitcoin Industry in UK and serve as example for other Nations still not deciding stance on

this issue.  Germany is also moving same direction as the UK. Treating Bitcoin as a  full Currency totally exempt from VAT is still unlikely as it gives status of a National Currency.


Nicolas Cary from Blockchain a big Bitcoin Wallet Exchange is preparing structure for 100milj. users this year!

Lately exists Smartphone apps to follow Bitcoin World as “ZEROBLOCK”


Properties: 1. Low transaction cost,2.Increased Privacy, 3. No erosion of value by INFLATION!  It´s a breakthrough in Computer Science with +20Y reasearch into Cryptograhic Currency  by thousends around the World. BITCOIN is solution to longstanding problem called “Byzantine General problem” meaning a Peer to Peer safe transfer of unique digital property at almost ZERO cost.

Any consumer or Merchant can trade in and out of Bitcoin and other currencies any time they want.. Merchants are attracted to Bitcoin because it eliminate risk of CARD FRAUD! Bitcoin is Pseudonymous not Anonymous. It´s traceable easier to find than lost CASH,GOLD or  DIAMONDS!


Consist of four constituencies: 1. Consumer who pay with Bitcoin. 2. Merchant accepting Bitcoin. 3. Miners that run computers processing and validating transactions. 4. Developers and Entrepreneurs building new products (Applications) and services with and on top of BITCOIN. Bitcoin can be a powerfull catalyst to extend the benefits of  a modern Economic system to World population.


A final quote from 1999 legendary Economist Milton Friedman ” One thing that´s missing but will soon be developed is a reliable E-Cash  method on Internet you can transfer funds from A to B without A knowing B or reverse!  Today exist  “BITPAY ONLINE payment with Bitcoin. In LONDON soon Europes first ATM “Bitcoin” opened! Trading of Bitcoin allready exists in many platforms as one more Currency in the FOREX arena. ETF´s soon coming . The BITCOIN TRAIN is picking up SPEED!


A new Economic Insight from LENFRED.


22 Dec

Here a short versión of maybe the biggest FRAUD=QE in modern time. US economy have reached a point critical classified as a liquidity trap. Interest rates cannot fall below ZERO. Are we in a continous BOOM and BUST CYCLE fueled with QE printing? A secular stagnation as described by Larry Summers. Poor investments prospects. Is the starting OIL&GAS SHALE BOOM and FRACKING going to help US? It provides investment opportunities.The coming SHALE -ENERGY REVOLUTION.

QE is FED printing Money by BUYING BONDS from BANKS. In first round of QE US BANKS had a lot of BONDS to sell as they wanted to RAISE CASH FAST to get JUNK ASSETS of BALANCE SHEETS. After some time they got it done. IN first QE FOREIGN BANKS got 35% of Money created or 450 Bilj. USD.

In Second QE2 that began around time of the GREEK CRISIS 2010 almost all went into FOREIGN “EU” BANKS.

Third QE3 “Infinite” most of printed Money into Foreign BANKS.

WHY?? Basically US GOVERNMENT is helping to KEEP “USD” as WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY by paying BANKS to do that!

It helps US BANKS by ELIMINATING COUNTER PARTY RISK. We can see this in the falling LIBOR”London Interbank Offered Rate” later years.

Libor rate Chart

Money is still not reaching MAIN STREET= REAL ECONOMY! Same story in SOUTHERN EUROPE!

When it reaches we can expect an INFLATION BOOM. LIABILITIES are going up in US Balance sheet on a falling REAL INCOME STREAM. This will not be sustainable longer term! Present form of USD is DOOMED!

If they have to print money to BAIL OUT all Banks in the WORLD having US BONDS when Interest rates go up you get HYPERINFLATION= END of US EMPIRE. The US Industrial Empire is gone long ago! Back 50Y US produced 80% of CARS IN THE WORLD!  QE TAPERING have just been announced with a QE cut of 10 BILJ /Month of total 85 Bilj./Month. Small step  in the MINEFIELD ahead that can blow up in a BANG!


A new lenfred Finance insight.


15 Dec


BITCOIN started in 2009 created by people for people a PEER to PEER system without any Bank or Central Bank interference.

It´s a FIAT CURRENCY as all our paper Currencies presently. Based on CRYPTOGRAPHY with an individual FOOTPRINT.

Safest form of Currency known to MAN so far! Created into existance by Supercomputing. A process called MINING like digging GOLD from a GOLDMINE!

Bitcoin Miner RIG

By design limited to MAX 21 million BITCOINS! Today approx. 11milj. in circulation. By it´s limited amount provide INFLATION SECURITY! Presently there is a WORLDWIDE presence of MINING POOLS for BITCOINS=EXCHANGES

Bitcoin Mining Pools

Largest production so far in ASIA and CHINA. In USA and Europe taking off at several new MINES.

REGULATIONS: The US Senate had a HEARING Nov. 19th this year on VIRTUAL CURRENCIES. Authorities no interest at this point in REGULATING as it indicate legitimizing of BITCOINS. Biggest concern is Money Laundering that have been taking place at SILKROAD site now under LEGAL charges. The new payment system BITCOIN is approved within US laws. In many US states payment of Salaries is considered.Today you can use Bitcoins to BUY GOODS and SERVICES online.

Is BITCOIN a new GOLD related Currency? Not now but it could be happening! Then it turns into a SOUND GOLD BACKED  Currency  like our old GOLD Std on FIAT CURRENCIES. In Europe Germany is advancing in approving BITCOIN transfers.

Holdings will be taxed as an asset only in Germany so far.  What is the driving forcé behind BITCOINS? It provide a PEER to PEER low cost transfer at lower rates than with Credit Cards(Invented in 1950s) and Paypal etc. It can turn into replacement for UNSAFE Credit Card transactions

Cost transfer Bitcoin

The transfer of BITCOIN is identified with a string of 32 random numbers. BITCOIN MINERS are specialized software and Hardware to solve Mathematical algorithms. The  exploding interest in BITCOINS have surged prices to now reach around 800 USD/Bitcoin. How high can Bitcoins surge? Nobody knows but potential seems astounding!

Bitcoin Chart


As an FX TRADER  I see this new type of Currency providing opportunity for SPECULATION OBS! This in short and longer term.

Today most of Western World Central Banks have lowered interest rates close to ZERO! A ll this action with extensive “Reckless” Money printing brings fear of coming INFLATION and DEVALUATION of Currencies. Now described as an ongoing CURRENCY WAR to achieve competetiveness at cost of OTHERS LOSING! In médium term the USD in it´s present form cannot sustain as the WORLDS RESERVE CURRENCY so a need for alternatives exists and demonstrated in actions against the PETRO DOLLAR from CHINA and others. The fear from Population seeing their Currency losing Credibility and Confidence drive INVENTIONS for alternatives like the 21st Centaury BITCOIN. Future is UNCLEAR depending on a BROAD ACCEPTANCE to reach everymans WALLET! As a start you can build yourself a SMALL BITCOIN WALLET and follow progress as myself.

A new lenfred  Finance insight with Future implications.!


12 Nov

First a link to interview with Jim Rickards Author of “CURRENCY WARS” and now soon publishing a new book


1.THE FED QE”Quantitative Easing” PROGRAM

Today QE is considered as a gradual DEFAULT!  The US is according to Rickards in a depression since 2007.

We are now also in last year of the deflationary KRESS CYCLE ending a 120Y cycle by 2014! The USD is gradually being

devalued in this ongoing BOND and MBS”Mortgage Backed Securities “buying with 85 bilj. USD/Month. Talkes about a wind down so called TAPERING have been discussed later monthes as US faces DEBT CEILING regularly. China now buys less US Bonds and so forcé US BANKS to add on more US BONDS with a BACKSTOP from FED to eliminate any RISK. In EUROZONE same thing is happening with support fom ECB “OMT” program not yet tested in reality. Future of OMT still not clear as the German Bundesverfassungsgericht in Karlsruhe verdict expected after new GERMAN GOVERNMENT FORMED!

THE QE is Questioned as shown this diagram: Taylor rule FED

As seen the extensive QE is diverging from TAYLOR RULE! WHY QE is not working seen in this overview!

WHY QE not working

Fractional Banking is worsening situation by increasing RISK for TOO BIG TO FAIL RELOADED! The BANKS just don´t lend to BUSINESSES as before just HOARDING CASH! A CREDIT CRUNCH for small Businesses. IN EUROZONE the same STORY!

CONCLUSION: QUOTE RICKARDS: In 2009 he participated in a PENTAGON WAR GAME on Currency WAR and there predicted HOARDING of GOLD from RUSSIA and CHINA which is today reality!!  His opinión is well respected by WASHINGTON officials.

In the long run a couple of years HYPERINFLATION can kick off with disastrous effects on World Economy. As long as CHINA is not dumping US BONDS “Selfdestructive” no US CRASH will happen. CHINA buys EUROS and STOCKS etc diversifying away from USD currency. Reserve Currency status of  USD is gradually waining. What monetary system will replace USD?? A BANCOR foreseen by KEYNES? A BASKET of Currencies and GOLD? A new Goldstandard as before 1971 is not very likely scenario!

Anyway GOLDPRIZE will rise  to new highs in FUTURE ! HYPERINFLATION is likely and will rise GOLDPRIZE!

US is similar to JAPAN in present Economic situation. An INFINITE QE until the lossed confidence CRASH US ECONOMY?

THE US problem is STRUCTURAL and cannot be solved by plain MONEY PRINTING same as EUROZONE peripheric states.

REVIVED Competitiveness and Structural reforms is Medicine on both sides of the ATLANTIC! A TRADE agreement between

EU&USA will spur RECOVERY is my personal VISION. END of NSA SPY GAME and agreement will be reached!

A new LENFRED insight of Current affairs.

To be continueed……


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