12 Nov

First a link to interview with Jim Rickards Author of “CURRENCY WARS” and now soon publishing a new book


1.THE FED QE”Quantitative Easing” PROGRAM

Today QE is considered as a gradual DEFAULT!  The US is according to Rickards in a depression since 2007.

We are now also in last year of the deflationary KRESS CYCLE ending a 120Y cycle by 2014! The USD is gradually being

devalued in this ongoing BOND and MBS”Mortgage Backed Securities “buying with 85 bilj. USD/Month. Talkes about a wind down so called TAPERING have been discussed later monthes as US faces DEBT CEILING regularly. China now buys less US Bonds and so forcé US BANKS to add on more US BONDS with a BACKSTOP from FED to eliminate any RISK. In EUROZONE same thing is happening with support fom ECB “OMT” program not yet tested in reality. Future of OMT still not clear as the German Bundesverfassungsgericht in Karlsruhe verdict expected after new GERMAN GOVERNMENT FORMED!

THE QE is Questioned as shown this diagram: Taylor rule FED

As seen the extensive QE is diverging from TAYLOR RULE! WHY QE is not working seen in this overview!

WHY QE not working

Fractional Banking is worsening situation by increasing RISK for TOO BIG TO FAIL RELOADED! The BANKS just don´t lend to BUSINESSES as before just HOARDING CASH! A CREDIT CRUNCH for small Businesses. IN EUROZONE the same STORY!

CONCLUSION: QUOTE RICKARDS: In 2009 he participated in a PENTAGON WAR GAME on Currency WAR and there predicted HOARDING of GOLD from RUSSIA and CHINA which is today reality!!  His opinión is well respected by WASHINGTON officials.

In the long run a couple of years HYPERINFLATION can kick off with disastrous effects on World Economy. As long as CHINA is not dumping US BONDS “Selfdestructive” no US CRASH will happen. CHINA buys EUROS and STOCKS etc diversifying away from USD currency. Reserve Currency status of  USD is gradually waining. What monetary system will replace USD?? A BANCOR foreseen by KEYNES? A BASKET of Currencies and GOLD? A new Goldstandard as before 1971 is not very likely scenario!

Anyway GOLDPRIZE will rise  to new highs in FUTURE ! HYPERINFLATION is likely and will rise GOLDPRIZE!

US is similar to JAPAN in present Economic situation. An INFINITE QE until the lossed confidence CRASH US ECONOMY?

THE US problem is STRUCTURAL and cannot be solved by plain MONEY PRINTING same as EUROZONE peripheric states.

REVIVED Competitiveness and Structural reforms is Medicine on both sides of the ATLANTIC! A TRADE agreement between

EU&USA will spur RECOVERY is my personal VISION. END of NSA SPY GAME and agreement will be reached!

A new LENFRED insight of Current affairs.

To be continueed……

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