30 Jun




Prof. Werner Sinn:

What we have seen since 2008 is a series of TREATY VIOLATIONS to keep EURO SYSTEM together.

Different ECB programs have been launched like SMP,EFSF,ESM,OMT-Bankunion with SSM authority.

The ESM program founded to avoid ECB going Bankrupt followed by some Bank insolvencies.

Bank Unión now in progress to effective by mid 2014. Rules for Bank Recapitilisation is toughest topic to resolve!

Bank Unión purpose according to Prof. Sinn is to tap “FASS OHNE BODEN”=Barrel without bottom!

ZOMBIE BANKS in Eurozone will be way more costly than the 60bilj. aloted of total 700 bilj.”Known by politicians trying to blind VOTERS”.

ESM spread risk to NATIONAL TAXPAYERS .We can expect to find ZOMBIE BANKS in SPAIN;ITALY etc.


Prof. SINN lay out 4 possible solutions.

1. Deflation of periphery Countries. IMPOSSIBLE!

2. Inflation of CORE EUROZONE. Not a feasable way!

3.  EURO EXIT for Countries! BANKRUNS!

4. EURO Transfers “EURO BONDS” Prohibited by German KARLSRUHE Court.

To see actual realignment needed to stabilize EUROZONE!

26-06-2013 14-38-26

Only  one country that made correction IRLAND.

Minor corrections have been made far off needed internal DEVALUATIONS!

A stable EXIT EURO rules still not declared. The current imbalances in EUROZONE with high unemplyment

and rising sovereign DEBT is threatening tear EUROZONE APART!

KEY ISSUE get stimulus money to BOOST the REAL ECONOMY and not like exclusively for BANK BAILOUTS!

ZOMBIE BANKS must be dismantled and closed down without hurting TAXPAYERS.

A yearly rebalancing of NATIONAL CENTRAL BANKS as in US needed. TARGET to be rebalancd yearly!



This is a personal review of content describing a POSSIBLE FUTURE!

2.1 If Merkel wins coming German elections:

After a few years MERKEL will be apointed EU first ever PRESIDENT! Talks is well underway in this direction.

She is fluent in: German,English,Russian!

2.2 German hegemony on EU power is cemented leaving FRANCE well behind. France and Italy is on same road to DEINDUSTRILISATION

as UK now!

2.3 A huge red of satellite Industrialised  zones will be mounted in EU to support the GERMAN EXPORT MACHINE and help EU in

GLOBAL competitiveness. Prediction GERMAN unemployment 2020 less than 2 milj. means full employment!

2.4 AGRO funding must be restructured in EU área to transfer funds into INNOVATION&R/D. Southern Europe must support larger

AGRO production and BUILD up SOLAR POWER installations with a renewable focus.

2.5 Energy transfer reds TRANSNATIONAL will be essential to replace much of the out dated NUCLEAR POWER.

2.6 The EURO MONETARY UNION must support ECONOMIC GROWTH or be remodeled to overcome actual flaws in it´s




The GERMAN “VIERTE REICH”= Fourth REICH is taking form without any weapon conflict now by “Economic Realities” to

position EU in the Global Economic WAR  and regain former STATUS on the WORLD SCENE!

A new reinforced inter atlantic TRADE UNION US vs EU will BOOST the old worlds Economies.

German upcoming elections sept. 22nd will bring light to the FUTURE PATH!

A new LENFRED insight on Economic FUTURE.

To be continueed……………

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