24 May

Dollar on fire

A long serie of innovations from BANKSTERS have brought our entire Society to the brink of a total Collapse ONCE!

A range of derivatives that makes normal BANKING a thing of the PAST. Totally disconnected from Central Bank

regulations only craving further Money Printing to feed the ever growing BIG CASINO that will end in DISASTER!

Fractional Banking is used to leverage the ongoing speculation BOOM. REAL Economy is suffering lacking CREDITS to

spur GROWTH. The USA in a “better” shape is relying on the eternal expansive inflationary monetary FED Policy!



Die Euro Bombe

The Euro project provides no inflation protection just a foundation for later forming a SUPER STATE.

Today no Public support for the Dream project that CLOUD mindset of responsible Politicians not accepting the

crude reality of FAILURE causing several MAASTRICHT Treaty violations”BAILOUTS” just to BANDAID a CRACKING

EURO Project. The ongoing debate in Economic circles have triggered new Nationalistic Political movements like AFD Germany.

It intensifies search for a TUNNEL out of CRISIS mode! In Germany several leading Economists&Politicians have documented

position with published Books.

Prof. Hans Werner Sinn, Ifo Institute Munich: Die Target Falle, Casino Capitalism

Dr Sarah Wagenknecht, “Die Linke” : Freiheit Statt Kapitalismus.

And now just lately Prof. Wilhelm HANKEL : Die Euro Bombe wird entscharft.

We have AFD (Alternative fur Deutschland) new Party lead by Prof. Bernd Lucke that point route in similar way as HANKEL.



Hankel describes a new interesting solution of actual Crisis now in 5th Y and still no end in sight.

Here is his basic ideas:

The Euro currency will remain.

All Euro countries reintroduce their former National Currencies PARALLEL!

This way weakest non competititive Economies can devalue National Currency against EURO! Regain a growth

and competitiveness much faster than today without further Austerity avoiding possible INSOLVENCY and Good Bye EURO!

Present Euro politics only directed towards SAVING BANKS and not helping REAL ECONOMY.

In the new system ECB can only print money when they buy National Currencies!” Like in a GOLDSTANDARD”

Euro this way cannot be DEVALUED and kept INFLATION FREE.

Currency war risk eliminated!

ESM FUND will not be needed anymore!

The NON EURO Nations like NORDIC COUNTRIES can have EURO parallel! GREAT!

The EURO DEBT will be reconstructed and repaid by Export surpluses,Haircuts and time extension of DEBT

with help of IMF.

The EURO will be developed into a EURO -GOLD Standard without direct link to Gold prize!


Then who still wants the “FIAT USD Currency anymore! Maybe a FINAL BLOW to WALL STREET BANKSTER DOMINIO

that must be stopped before we face the REAL GLOBAL DISASTER!

Lenfred find HANKEL ideas CREATIVE saving the HOLY EURO into a GOLD EURO !! Not BAD at all!!

To be continueeed………..

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