14 May






Merkels Wish Ball


Recession is persistant leaning towards to be chronic! Previsions for 2013 downgraded. Citizens confidence

is now at record low for EU institutions. Austerity measures in several countries have busted their Economies.

Politicians have followed a roadmap towards more federalism a RISKY ROAD with lack of PUBLIC support for a deeper

Political Union.Instead spur a growing Nationalism! The series of Bailouts have still not born fuit and CRISIS lingers on!



More and more I am convinced that actual Government is an incompetent bunch of rightwing FACISTS.

Totally without compassion to proper population in dispair caused by Political VIOLATIONS!. Besides being

incompetent they suffer from a chronic ailment named CORRUPTION! Retrograde female rights for liberal abortions in

favour of hardcore Chatolic views! Conclusion again= Pure Facism signed from VATICAN without any connection with 21st Centuary

reality! Scandals of Corruption just keep lingering on without seeing sentences.! Named CROOKS ex BARCENAS not yet behind BARS?

WHY?? Facist Criminals in a Facist regime nothing to FEAR!! The FARSE is taking unlimited Media coverage with constant

BLAME GAME right to left or around. Justice system faces obstruction of evidence that hinder advancements!

HOW resolve actual MESS!  FINANCE-Credit crunch, BANKS-Insolvent, SOCIAL- Unemployment+foreclosures,

POLITICAL- Corruptions. Most modern democracies would have formed a CRISIS Government in broad MAYORITY.

Spanish pride here obstacle to save country! Spanish situation sense out of control with unemployment levels unsustainable

for a longer time! SOLUTIONS ????



Merkel face

Merkel is facing reelection next sept. and must convince voters for a new Mandate period. Germans in general hold her

CRISIS Management as diligent and balanced. Opposition is not demonstrating convincing leadership and discredited

by several Scandals to really challenge MERKEL. As a JOKER in coming elections have recently been started a new party

AFD( Alternative Fur Deutschland) a clear ANTI-EURO party!This party if successfull can tilt present Political power structures

and influence CRISIS management.Party blame the EURO for the ongoing disaster in southern Europe. They make the case for

return to National currencies OPEN! A shrinked Euro Area is an alternative. EU institutions should be partly dismantled and support

hardliners like “David Cameron”. Bailout on taxpayer cost is out of question! Further Bailouts via ESM can be blocked by German as

they possess VETO RIGHT. Bailout to be paid by Bankers,Hedgefunds,Investors etc.=Banksters MOB. If this party gain a 5% popular

vote they enter BUNDESTAG with all consequences! They favour MERKEL CDU in all cases.



First a conclusion of utmost importance! The Euro Crisis is not really about Sovereign Debt but about Foreign Debt! The difference

make the CURRENT ACCOUNT BALANCE!. Can be concluded Countries running large Account deficits before outreak Crisis 2008

have been affected! Improvements in Current-Account due to AUSTERITY measures are turning back a positive figure that bring

down SPREAD of Sovereign BONDS! This combined with ECB expressed OMT program eliminating tailrisk improving OUTLOOK in




Blythe Masters Wall

Mr Bernanki continues with massive 85 bilj. /month QE with no end date in sight!

I will focus now on BLYTHE MASTERS Head of GLOBAL COMMODITY TRADING at JPM Bank.She is the claimed inventor of

the CDS(Credit default Swaps) derivative.That instrument was partly responsable for the 2008 CRASH with following Bailouts

of US BANKS and Mortgage Institutes. Many now wonder is a new coming CRASH in the making and MASTERS involved!

A French Economist (Pierre Jovanovic) have written a Book about her until now available only in French. He claims

she is up to new RISKY BETS!. JPM cofounder and  co owner of the FED surely have a big influence of present policies.

Is a NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC DISASTER COMING?? This time Government will not accept another serie of TOO BIG TO FAIL

EVENTS. FACTS: JPM today hoards on a GLOBAL basis Commodity assets Metals etc.This pushing up prices! Are they together with

Goldmann Sachs,Black Rock etc cornering Commodity Market before the Collapse of US BOND MARKET? They have seen this coming

and a luring HYPERINFLATION THREAT this is a GOOD HEDGE!! Derivatives have turned Wall Street into a giant CASINO with bets

on almost anything.Value of Global Derivative Market a mindblowing 500-1500 Trillion USD. Who issues this bets? THE BIG BANKS

OF COURSE. Are we facing a US BOND MARKET Collapse any time soon? Is Masters topping the Balance to get it BURST?




The Euro is not treated like a Currency by Politicians more like a HOLY COW based on false Ideology almost religous!

Now Professional Economists is questioning basement of this HOLY COW. In this context is surging Political movements

like now in Germany. AFD (Alternative fur Deutschland) is picking up the inbuilt flaws of EURO structure! The new party lead by

Prof. Economics Hamburg University Mr LUCKE supported by an extended list of German Economic Elite. Party is clealy Anti Euro

and like a redesigned structure. Popularity on rise because Germans are Bailout Exhausted! German coming elections presents as an EURO fate  event. Present politics have failed to end or curb crisis! I guess we all have to wait and see the new GERMAN FACE

“MERKELS” after elections. Present route is at END!!

Lenfred a concerned citizens reflections!

To be continueeeed——–

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