EUROZONE:Tensions on rise- Disintegration on Horizon-Coming EUROKNALL?

13 Jul

1. EU SUMMIT June 28&29th


3.SPAIN Country out of DENIAL?


5.ECB Meeting July 5th



1. EU SUMMIT June 28&29th


Heard before:One for all and all for one against German dominance ! History repeated!

The Southern troika in a new attempt to overhaul German stand on austerity obligations and obtain

relief in the 10Y Sovereign Bonds in Spain,Italy followed after a massive downgrading in Rating from

the usual SCUMBAGS in alliance with major BANKSTERS to finally rob GERMAN TAXPAYERS and then

plunder the ECB vault in craving for CREDITS to float the ongoing 800Trillion USD derivative financial SCAM GAME


Result of SUMMIT: Incentive to go ahead with a BANKUNION=”Joint responsibility of private

debt now 3X Sovereign debt!”  and ESM fund for direct recapitilizing BANKS and buying Soverign Bonds when needed!

The Spanish Bailout of max 100bilj. Euro approved and will start with the EFSF fund until ESM active early next year.

Remained to fill in all small text in spirit”Keine Leistung ohne gegenleistung”= No unconditional aid!



MERKEL with Swedish Finance Minister BORG on Titanic!

Merkel need new alliances to guide in dangerous waters with Titanic trying to avoid hitting ICEBERG!

Borg along with others is coaching new ideas and alternative charting then from Mr Hollande etc.

Merkel days before Summit expressed “No Euro Bonds as Long as I Live”! A clear signal a RED LINE in SIGHT!

Approving EuroBonds is same as closing door for a Euro exit on own decision!Hardly possible before passing

a National Referendum with a Political Integrated Eurozone  at stake!A clear NO at present Eurozone situation!

Evidently politicians have still not found Magic bullit to alleviate a sustainable confidence.

A constant MERRY  go round to next summit with new band aid and further KICKING CAN DOWN ROAD AGAIN!

3. SPAIN a Country out of DENIAL.


A/  After the Lehman crash and start of the Global Credit crunch caused by reckless US BANKSTERS new

invention CDS;CDO both derivative instruments allowing huge leverage and PONZI selling of HOUSING debts in

derivative collaterilized form.

B/ The finacial system quickly suffered a systemic toxification on International scale hitting Europe HARD.

C/ European Banking system took a severe blow and many Banks plead for Governmental aid. Irland suffered a Real

Estate burst and plead a full bailout from EU.

D/ At this time 2009 SPAIN with vigour DENIED any sort of Banking crisis. Instead loadly proclaimed to have

best Banking system of the WORLD!!?? A sign of Ignorance or just plain stupidity?? Why hidding the truth from

PUBLIC at all cost?What are the reasons behind such an odd disastrous behaviour??Why no warning signals from

Spanish Central Bank??Nothing happened. Political control at Central Bank level!!A cover up from Political Elite?

Just another DENIAL!! The EU organised stress test that showed at least weakness in CAJAS resulting in the

CAM Bailout by Spain.

E/ Wake up slowly from DENIAL by crude reality! A sick Banking system eroding credits causing increased

unemployment at alarming rate! Why ruling class not recognicing relationship??Prepared to offer a huge

unemplyment instead of a proper fix of BANKING SYSTEM?? A cynical Political Elite letting labor abolition pay

for slowly deleveraging BANKS BLACK HOLE funding.! DENIAL again!! Labeled as worst attentate to own population

in modern EUROPE? Now in summer 2012  EU BANK BAILOUT is underway:MoU Spain Bailout. Described in an

Memorandum of Understanding  SPAIN now under intervention with strict conditions for Bank reapitilization.

Next step probably sooner than later a full Bailout of NATION.Who can trust a political class of a Nation with such a serie

of DENIALS.??Many THX to Mr Draghi who exposed severe situation after President Spanish Central Bank lied

claiming BANKIA no problem when IMF informed Draghi controary a few days earlier.Of cause that President was fired

by Draghi on the SPOT.My hope it was just not too late!



The ongoing DEBT confidence crisis now setting pressure.Quick fix proposals coming but being stalled

by legislative constitutional concerns that likely need National referendums to solve! SENSEMORAL: When reality

catches up to Political ruling all Hell brakes lose with blame games and insultations just to cover own shortcoming

and stupidity.Insight and VISION must come from top political leaders stressed in pressing right button.

If the Politicians fails and winds up rejected by it´s voters labeled incompetent carrying DENIAL now in full DEFAULT!

BANKUNION: SPAIN National debt 68% and BANK debt 305% of GDP! BankUnion is Socialization of BANK debt

responsibility into all EUROZONE. GERMAN Constitutional COURT is now reviewing Bankunion&Fiscalpact legal

implications.Verdict waited late september and will decide Political agenda in EUROZONE survival fight.

DEBT can be abated with tax increases or HAIRCUTS. Budget cuts with severe effect in reccesionary style will

not work.!!



Downward risk substantial!Inflation in control! Prime rate now 0.75% and overnight deposit rate now 0%.

Irland on right track for recovery back to normal Sovereign Market .Good news!

No LTRO or other actions planned! All disappointment for Market.Welcomed the new ROADMAP for

EUROZONE Countries :ROADMAP EUROZONE.Proposal underline need of correcting imbalances in

competitiveness to ensure a sustainable GROWTH. This is the nr: ONE  challenge ahead.Time is running short

and the ER=(Emergancy Room) toolkit is running out of tools. Maybe Prof. Sinn´s proposal with letting countries

temporary leave Eurozone using National devalued currency parallel to Euro until Economy restored!Cheaper than

defaulting entire Eurozone with following GLOBAL disaster which comes back to lack of Financial regulations

letting BANKSTERS use their speculation on vulnerable Countries..



We see today huge imbalances between debts and Money supply! This apparent in US;Europe,Japan among other

Asian economies. Bank assets is mainly LOANS =DEBT.Globaly close to 100Trill. USD . Bankreserves of 9 trill. USD .

A huge leverage meaning we are in a BASELESS MONETARY SYSTEM.Reducing Debt by deleveraging is taking place.

Only two ways out :Either massive BANK DEFAULTS or manufacture new CURRENCY to get Balance sheet normal!

Inflating money by Central Banks seem to be the choosen path. We need a massive Currency devaluation of many

Currencies against GOLD price!! An operation to be coordinated between Central Banks to save situation.

Is this possible? Fact is money is lent into existance by BANKS.Deleveraging now must be through creating

new Bank reserves.CENTRAL BANKS can only create new money by buying ex. Sovereigns like QE by FED!!

Devaluation must fill GAP between Bank assets and Bank reserves.Devaluation aginst GOLD.

I suggest at same time Nations introduce the GLOBAL BANCOR currency as forseen by KEYSIAN  Economic theory.This to

be used  beside National currencies for International TRADING of commodities like OIL,GAS etc In a much longer

time perspective  BANCOR could replace all National currencies and all Planet use BANCOR!!

In order to realize this is needed International decisions and most likely could be triggered by some GLOBAL NATURAL

DISASTER like a SOLAR MAGNETIC STORM with devastating results.Devastation need a RESTART !

Present debt situation will not be solved by more AUSTERITY or Growth stimulus to regain a strong sustainable

GROWTH! Political rethinking is NEEDED!



A/ Let´s face it: To go forward and form the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE or the FOURTH REICH National referendums

needed. Political UNION is next legal step.

B/  PRIVATE BANK DEBT: Socialization of Bankdebts is unacceptable! Banks must be allowed to go Bankrupt.!

C/ THREAT BY COUNTER THREAT: Now Market seem to have upper hand in EUROZONE!

WHAT IF: Euroleaders announce we will let insolvency have it´s course and let Financial Institutions take

MASSIVE HAIRCUTS or they back off a bit in GREED directed towards GLOBAL BANKSTERS that now not only

manipulate Exchanges with newest playtool HFT”High Frequency Trading” using computerized mathematical

algorithms doing trades in milliseconds ripping of most other participants dominating volumes. ARE they using HFT also

in trading SOVEREIGNS ??? It´s gone too far allready with 800 Trillion USD in collaterized derivates aiming to plunder all

existing CREDIT SOURCES on the PLANET.They must be shut down NOW! Or all HELL BRAKE LOSE!!


To be continueed……………


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