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New right wing Government is launching new reforms at a high pace.Financial reform in order to force Banks to increase

solvency and reserve funds for losses caused by subprime loans.

Labor reform to increase flexibility in hiring and firing personal .More or less an Expressway for further unemployment.

Who can hire when credit lines from Banks still halting?The name of the game working efficient is fraud and corruption

within political class! EU Commission will take a deeper look into Spanish Economy why unemployment out of control

and Budget and fiscal discipline behaviour that for only Comunidad Valenciana have produced a debt of 20000 milj.Euros!

Responsable Politicians claim that have made investments for the future?A chaotic scenario is unfolding orquestred by

blindfolded decision makers with no Financial controler as right hand as any enterprise CEO enjoy..Playing Monopol

with Citizen taxes in an reckless roulette.Who and on what premises funded this chaos?.Local Banks now INSOLVENT!

Finally the treasury found in “Golfo de Cadiz” from remains of “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes” is now repatriated

to Spain as legitimate owner .The ship was sunk by British Naval Forces 1804 en Golfo de Cadiz.Obviously Gibraltar

have allowed free port to ODISSEY during the exploration.Modern Piracy by anglosaxons in collaboration disclosed and judged

in Court favoring SPAIN.Furthermore seems that SPAIN and UK will resume new talks on the GIBRALTAR issue!



Now finally a new  rescue package have been approved.Another 130bilj Euro .All included with Haircut will allow GREECE to

reduce debt to 120.5% by 2020.This is the last and final act for saving Greece from entering default Bankruptcy now!

The basic problem is Greece completely have lost international competitiveness due to access cheap EURO Money at low

interest rates for years.Inflated prices and wages have stalled  economic Growth and started a downward recessionary spiral

of ever increasing speed. Salvation from Eurozone is just an Illusion.The BANKS are holding Greece as an hostage for their

own benefits.The only reasonable action should be  to declare Greece  as default and let some BANKS take a HIT!

Germany cannot and will not longer be a saviour of last resort.Everybody must stand on their own feets or be expelled

from the Community and return to it´s former currency.Greece  Drachma with a large devaluation to restore basic GROWTH again.

Besides rescue package Greece need urgently an extensive Marshall Plan from EIB to be able restore GROWTH again.

Rumours is that Greece will declare default by Market close March 22nd.Following Monday Greek  Banks will close and usher

into the Drachma currency! A document circulating in some US Banks “WALL STREET” is disclosing an agreement

between Germany,IMF and US. A joint plan to save the GLOBAL Banking system. If this turn out to be true we are facing

a new default event of a magnitude higher than the Lehman Brothers Crash. The real problem will be overleveraged

Big Banks who think inflating assets 5X is a linear riskincrease when in reality the financial system complexity is EXPONENTIAL

meaning risk 100X or 1000X larger!!=DISASTER!!



Mr Monti leader of Italian present Government is now chasing after the Vatican state in quest for tax revenues. Evidently

the Catholic  church presently in possesion of 30% of TOTAL ITALIAN REAL ESTATE without so far no  TAX payments.

A huge blow for a Rich church now facing   a justified claim from STATE Government.Payback times is here!

Tax evasion is sympthomatic in entity of Italian economy  as corruption and fraud from authorities and private companies.

Austerity is a term never heard of  now to be implied or simply GOOD BYE EURO from a  total Eurozone disintegration.

EURO is a FIAT currency as the USD backed by labor,Innovation of peoples effort in reflecting the value and not backed by GOLD.!



Just as today announced a 12 nation signed petition to EU Commission to consider  actions to stimulate GROWTH in all EU.

Among countries UK,Spain,Sweden etc. all urging for prompt action in this direction.Germany and France so far holding a cold

attitude but a balanced GROWTH stimulus is called for.Austerity alone will only prolong recession and stall economy.Growth Plan for EU



Today US Inflation 2% seem low.Consider we are in a recession with 5% and a Inflation of 7% gives net 2%. When recession

declines inflation raises sharply! Hyperinflation can be around the corner as effect of Inflating the Economy with QE1 and QE2

and possibly a QE3 in some form coming may! US is trying to inflate out of crisis! It´s like playing with a Nuclear reactor regulating a

complex economic system. A degree of collapse in a complex system is not just a linear function it´s exponential. Means disaster and

a Monetary collapse of USD.WE are slowly heading into murky waters and and must decide on a more stable Global Monetary system

with USD as a slice and Euro,Yen,Yuan. First step in this path is extended usage of SDR “Speciall drawing rights” issued by the IMF.

This currency have been in use for a number of yaears at  small level.The base of Holders have to be broadened.As next step we can see the BANCOR system which need a WORLD CENTRAL BANK that issues BANCOR with a Governance based on GLOBAL confidence.

This IMF article describes the idea: IMF on Bancor Overview



We are now in era of appreciation of GOLD and SILVER.Gold predicted to reach 1900 Usd /ounce or higher.Silver in a sharp upmove.

If passing 37 a run up to 50 likely. Looking at the ratio  Gold/Silver  throughout history 16/1 .Today SILVER is highly undervalued!

Looking at today GOLD price a 100USD/ounce  is reasonable for SILVER.To mention demand for it the CHINESE Government is

teaching their citizens the ownership of SILVER is an antidote for a devalueing USD. It´s becoming a religion in CHINA!



First an Interesting prediction based on the US  CCI  figures coming monthly. This all depends on how the Greece scenario

unfolds .Will it be an uncontrolled default  probably not!  As mentioned earlier about rumours on a controlled default coming up

March 22nd. The risk of triggering such an event is  very high!!According to Prof. Sinn their is a missing piece today in

A VALID MAKROECONOMIC THEORY describing  a default such as GREECE..

EURO FUTURES  on picture is showing a shift of Large Speculators =Hedge Funds,Big Banks from being heavily short EURO.

Euro expected positive bias as USD predicted decline with FED rates not to be changed until 2014! The Currency WAR goes on!



US is spending 40% more than  intake of revenue for a number of years. Too much debt with a slow growth is a bad sign.

Piling debt for consumption today to be payed and worked for in the FUTURE  a sure unsustainable situation.Very soon possible coming

18 month  a possible USD COLLAPSE can unfold.Presidential election end of this year can mean a difference only if a

President decisive in action to reduce deficit and restore faith in US economy is elected. Dr RON PAUL is the only candidate that

understand Monetary system and capable of making a difference.His chance of winning seems slim! A dark horse few know about

is the ongoing OIL and GAS boom in US. Drilling rigs are sharply on the rise  and outnumber rest of the world. It´s not just

BAKKEN in North Dakota .Prediction show that US in 3-4 years can surpass Saudi Arabia as producer!!! Warren Buffet is investing!

With recent oil prices exploration have boomed. This can be a US debt  and USD saviour. Times are changing fast and US resilience

have always suprised in the past and maybe returning  with force.



Eurozone in a slow growth for 2012.ECB will issue a new LTRO 29th this month to further boost up Banks balance sheets.

Ongoing austerity measures taking effect in several countries will alleviate Market confidence and stabilize  Sovereign BOND Market.

Coming monthes the new Fiscal stability pact will be  realised.Italian and Spanish economies must demonstrate some progress in coming

monthes to keep Bond spreads in control.Germany now show a 1% deficit only! Unbalance in Eurozone is obvious and due to

differences in competitiveness between the Nations.Budget control and DISCIPLINE must be top priority  as imposed by Merkel.

With the ESM fund on stream in July a mechanism is in place to restore tensions by widened spreads.Future of EUROZONE

will be decided  2012. EU authorities together with IMF is fully weaponed  for  defensive actions when needed. Today all economies are

depending on one another so a GLOBAL  view  is imperative  for achieving sustained GROWTH a must  for DEBT control the common ailment

among numerous Western economies.


To be continueed—————–

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