13 Jan

First a Gamblers look on current GREECE situation:

At table sitting Mr Draghi ECB on other side Hedgefunds,Bankers,Institutions.Besides Mr Draghi all the rest are

only Vultures ready to see how to best grip a slice of a defaulting GREECE by negating participation in the long planned

PSI Haircut 50% and get Ratings to classify a default with full CDS payment so why approve! Greedy blindfolded players

with a sick mindset  forget who sits on the other side of table  ECB Mr Draghi with UNLIMITED CASH .

Now the Gamblers tune starts:” You goto know when to holdem and know when to foldem know when to walk away

know when to RUN”.Draghi calls the BLUFF and  remaining crowd FOLDS  seeing  TONS  off cash stuffed away by Mr Draghi.

“Winners take it all and loser standing small” SENSE MORAL: Never play with  NATIONS UNLUCK unless they sit alone!

Rating Institutes SCUMBAGS show their ugly faces with disappointment in lack of blodsmell.That kind of summarize personal feelings

about  the unique case of GREECE to be kept in the bag on life support until further notice.


1.ITALY and SPAIN  Start 2012


This weeks Bonds auctions went very well for both Nations.Austerity  plans ongoing in the countries to curb deficit inbalance.

Spain have most problem with thier different regional parlaments now under severe pressure from National Government.

Moodys downgraded Comunidad Valenciana completely uncalled for these SCUMBAGS once again showing their ugly face

on who´s order??They just want to light up fires here and there  payed by speculators game  money.Hopefully they lost all

Cash to Mr Draghi in last GREECE game.Wake up call to all politicians to just  enforce new regulations NOW!

Unbelievable how these US based SCUMBAGS are allowed to impose NATIONAL  destabilisation for sheer greedy capitalist PIGS.

In old days we just put up POSTERS with Name and WANTED dead or alive and quick solutions achieved.



In perspective Hyman Minsky provided best road map for understanding events before the 2007 crisis.

Keynes best gude to pure crisis Management and Mancur Olsen” Nobelprice Winner” theorist on Institutional economics could

be the beacon how to best manage the AFTERMATH.Olsen argued that Nations decline because of  the lobbying power

of special interest groups like the FINANCIAL SECTOR TODAY.Tackling these interest groups is one of the biggest post

crisis tasks for policy makers addressing concerns on systemic legitimacy.CAPITALISM has to be reinvented and find a new form.

The EFSF and ESM Funds underway.These will serve as Bad Banks and lift off toxic assets from Banks Balance sheets.

The recent ECB liquidity injection 500 bilj. Euros now seems to reach out into Banking system as stated yesterday by

Mr Draghi at the Interest rate press conference.A stabilisation at a low level with downside risks was the assesment.

With upcoming LTRO(Long Term Refinancing Operation) next month further stabilisation to be achieved.M3 stabilizing

in upturn.Inflation in control. A PanEuropean Job creation program needed and is first priority next EU summit end January.

Important the proposed Stability and Fiscal treaty changes to be signed by member countries parlaments without delay.

Now with promising tailwind in US jobcreation can mean spill off to EU area.Upcoming US presidential elections will be

decisive for US Policy coming years.Lately Congressman  Dr RON PAUL  is running up as a strong republican candidate.He is very well

educated in Economy and Monetary issues and clear Anti War with desire  return to Constitutional values today much

neglected by present Politicians.A Sound Economy a high priority much like our MERKEL conviction.Can be a tough opponent to OBAMA.!

A German Comic summarize last 5 years in a  short version:s23-superknall  .

France in a hurry to implement a proposed Financial Transaction Tax to Finance Job Creation.Merkel faces domestic opposition

from FDP coalition partner on this issue.This is definately a make or brake year for the EUROZONE now starting 2012 in a unity

conviction as a part of solving debt crisis.



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