2 Jan

First a  happy 10th anniversary to the EURO currency used by 330milj.people in 17 nations.Congratulations and best wishes

for continued success in a Global Economy in spite of current events that bring Eurozone Nations tighter together in

a joint effort to become stronger than ever before in a sustainable Monetary Union Future.May the EURO prevail for years to come!

Late Events:

1.Last EU Summit 8-9th dec. Summary.

2. EUROZONE coming Monthes.Merkel new year speech.

3.Prof. Henkels vision EUROZONE FUTURE.

4.Comment on Rating Institutes.

5. US and USD in DANGER!?

6. Gold or Silver Investments.

7. CONCLUSIONS: EUROZONE proximate Future.

1. EU SUMMIT dec 8/9th 2011 SUMMARY


A stability and Budget control amendment to the current Maastricht Treaty to be signed  by the Eurozone 17th and possibly

a few more Nations not later than next March EU SUMMIT. The planned ESM Fund will be effective one year earlier now

as July 2012. Further leverage on the EFSF and ESM will be decided latest next March SUMMIT. Greece situation

is most delicate  as situation engraving in spite of planned Haircut. A controlled default scenario most likely later on!

A Financial Transaction Tax of  1 % in EUROZONE start 2014. Most astonishing was Mr Camerons(  UK ) Bull

run failure in Brussel. Eurozone Masters Merkozy did not fold for his arguments and just opt him out! Maybe

sadest day for UK in a long time. A new D-Day requested for new permit into the club.Waffen Merkel showed

hardcore superior and ambitions for the Fourth REICH  is creeping closer every moment.



Again is the Europeans Banks in focus.Demand for increased TIER 1 capital leads to a credit squeeze in Money supply.

New ECB unlimited credit to Banks now in force valid for 3 years a 500 bilj.Euro amount at a 1% rate.SMART MOVE DRAGHI!

As crisis continues need of further Backdoor ECB Bazooka buying secondary market Sovereign Bonds to be realized if risk

of deflationary developments. A balance act now between Inflation vs Deflationary risk. ECB have the means to fully

control Money supply changes. First  few month of year critical. Italy and Spain Bond auctions are substancial!

Here Market confidance utmost critical! In case of Spain the new Conservative Government need to restore Market confidance and lead way for a sustained recovery hardest at the labor Market! Formation of a Bad Bank could be crucial to restart Bank lending again. Bad assets

at reduced price bought by Bad Bank in Exchange for Sovereign Bonds. Financing operation need a 100 bilj.Euro is crucial !!

Major insolvency risk remain due to high leveraged Banks in lack of VALID COLLATERAL! France triple AAA rating is at risk!

TEMPORARY Nationalisation of BANKS not excluded at any time! Will GREECE be allowed to default!? Most probably

NOT so the can will only be KICKED  further  down the road.When crisis in control again and after POLEN entering EUROZONE

a Gracefull Good Bye to Greece highly probable .Beyond 2013 likely! Greece economy presently under life support and

beyond any possible recovery as seen at this time!



He propose a split of the EUROZONE in two parts to fully restore Market confidance  and create right recovery conditions

for the badly hurt Southern Nations.This cannot happen without a BIG cost for GERMANY to bailout itself into a new

Currency I name NEURO  consisting of Northern countries with a similar structure Austria,Holland,Finland and later

maybe Denmark,Sweden. All centered around the Baltic Sea as the old HANSA age! A Euro North and Euro South.

The actual Euro then could be devalued and provide better chance for quick recovery in Southern Europe.

Later in Future the two Euros could merge again when all countries balanced and in full Maastricht Treaty

conditions again! We all know that the Spanish Real Estate Bubble could not have happened without having

GERMAN interest rates. This inbalance and a common currency with a low inflation target and blindfolded

political leaders lead to the BUBBLE BURST!

HENKEL also propose a temporary nationalisation of BANKS to get full control of insolvency issues.

The big fee for GERMANY makes this proposal at this time early 2012 as most unlikely but things can change

if not ITALY,SPAIN,IRLAND,PORTUGAL demonstrate decisive actions to get their House in order!

A  MOST THRILLING political  Balance act to create jobs and restore confidance under zero or negative growth

environment. Help from IMF and possibly CHINA etc could be crucial!



The sheer fraud and greed of Rating agencies is amazing! FITCH warns SPAIN and ITALY of new downgrades! A word frome these

agencies can cause repercussions that can topple democratic elected Governments! Personally all these messengers I would happily

see shot! Power of unelected ,unappointed privately owned rating agencies passing sentence to NATIONS is staggering!

New regulations urgently needed! Enough for now about these SCUMBAGS producing INSIDE INFO!

5. US and USD  in DANGER ZONE!?


For a change a few words about the USD situation.Lately economic figures for US economy improving

but still high unemployment and  aumenting DEBT crisis.Two indicators show situation: TRUE MONEY SUPPLY!

With exponentially increasing supply a hyperinflation is lingering with possible USD COLLAPSE!

Holding Securities have reached a maximum and now in decline! Confidance in US Bond Market weakaning??

Maybe FED inflated Money supply too much!Get ready for IMPACT POSSIBLY SOON!



Lately Gold price have pulled back almost 300 USD from peak. A sign of deflationary FEAR!

When looking on percent of currency supply covered by GOLD value you see an ALARMING picture!

Central Banks presently are deceptively trying to suppress GOLD price but that can soon be over for the


Think a moment a paradigm shift invest into precious metals GOLD and SILVER!

Silver is scarcer  in the Earth crust than GOLD with a price more undervalued! Maybe Silver is GREATEST opportunity in HISTORY!

In 1971  President Nixon ended the BRETTON WOODS with the USD vs GOLD connection.

GOLD will revalue itself soon again! Predicted new GOLD price between 5000-15000 USD/ounce!



A new EU Summit scheduled end January. Then everything have to be better detailed and explained with fixed time table on

decisions taken at the 8/9 dec. 2011 Summit. This have been requested by Christine Lagarde Head of the IMF. The intricate

balance act using ECB Backdoor Bazooka will continue to control level of Money supply and liquidity to ailing BANKS.

ITALY and SPAIN  must come out of the woods with defined clear initiatives to calm Markets. EUROZONE must jointly

show a coherent front on actions taken. The stability and Budget discipline amendments to Treaty must be embrazed and

pass National Parlaments swiftly. Cracks on the Wall  to be avoided now easier with UK out of inner circle. Political

Eurozone leaders must find a solid STRATEGY how to best address a sustained growth with applied Austerity measures

in entire EUROZONE!


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