4 Dec

Late Events:

Wednesday Nov.30th: Central Banks joint action to inject liquidity into Financial system.

Friday dec. 2nd: MERKEL in BUNDESTAG.

ECB: Started buying Sovereign Bonds without full Sterilisation!

BANKSTERS: On Crusade in Global Economy!

Global Economic Meltdown: A scaring insight on possible coming disaster!

CONCLUSIONS: Synthesis of proximate FUTURE!



Last wednesday a joint Central Banks Intervention was performed by FED,ECB,BOJ,Swiss Central Bank,Canada Central Bank , BOE.

Action was aimed to inject liquidity in the Financial system and provide sufficient USD in European Banks.

Interbank lending recently as in 2008 not working so Banks most often park Cash by ECB at a lower rate than

std Interbank rate.Now Dollar Swaps lowered to 50 bp=0.5% .Now bilateral swap lines opened between all

mentioned Central Banks to provide foreign currency when needed.Lines will be valid until feb. 2013.



Merkel presented the Master Plan to be revised with Sarkozy and introduced at EU summit 8-9 dec.

Merkels Big Plan in German. Plan contain several elements to achieve a foundation to secure the

EUROZONE FUTURE! Proposal for EU Treaty modification in direction a deepend FISCAL and STABILITY UNION.

This is the long term Plan urgently needed to get the entire EUROZONE reforms “Haushaltdisziplin” with stricter

control functions with possible sanction if not complied ! This provide the nesessary framework when put in force to

calm Market sentiment and later on open possibility for issuing joint EURO BONDS.This can be realized in a timespan

of several years.

Now as short term defense when members accept these treaty modifications the ECB moral hazard will be

removed to allow a more unlimited buying of specific Sovereign Bonds to normalize interest rates.This is

the MERKEL ECB Bazooka in full action. As a special arrangement to avoid massive money printing causing

increased inflation pressure a deal with the IMF is in the works! My intepretation the IMF will extend a big loan

to ITALY and SPAIN and simply using ECB as a Backstop security .A smart arrangement easily approved by

the OBAMA administration.The Waffen Merkel FOX may actually launch a plan with high probability

of success!!When ECB have taken action following this plan a gracefull  Insolvency default of GREECE can

be safely contained without a EURO disaster!! The problem will be found by exposed BANKS and Hedgefunds!

Recapitilisation will then take place on terms unknown.



Until now 300 bilj. of Soverign Bonds value have been accumulated. Mostly until just recently

all purhases have been fully sterilised (“Balanced by withdrawing money from Money Market same amount”)

not to effect increased INFLATION which happen when just new money printing occurs.= (Increased

Money supply M3)



On some sites can be read about the ongoing unprecedented theft and criminality of the

GLOBAL BANKING ELITE:”BANKSTERS”. They show lawless arrogance as during lately MF GLOBAL

collapse they stole assets from all it´s customers!.Banksters steal from Working class and Governments continuesly.

Todays Capitalism is more like a RUNAWAY CRIMINALITY from BANKSTERS.They are trying to convince by force

EUROZONE to play along with type QE programs etc.All for their own riskexposure if defaults occur with massive

CDS involvement.Interesting figures: Goldman Sachs: 88bilj. in assets and 48 TRILLIONS in derivatives!!!

Just last quarter GS made a big loss in Forex derivative positions.Check at Alex Jones well

known in the US .The economic devastation now being experianced by US is a deliberate planned scheme

of economic destruction allowing Banksters to confiscate enormous resources from targeted Nations!

In light of this the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement is just the begining!!



Warren Buffet labeled the CDS instrument as a “FINANCIAL WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION” still

we don´t see REGULATIONS???

Thanks to persons like Alex Jones,Harry Dent with a deep insight on the FINANCIAL WAR GAME

hopefully politicians finally decide to take action and  control until it will be too late and World

Economy derailed with a SYSTEMIC FINANCIAL IMPLOSION!! by simple BANKSTERS!



Coming week unravels the EUROZONE END GAME at the coming EU SUMMIT 8-9 th dec. EU leaders

must realize severity of current situation not only in the EU area.Falting architecture in existing EU TREATY

to be modified saving EUROZONE stability short and long term.Lingering new recession in several states must

by all means be defeated. JOBCREATION primary priority in most nations and mostly in SPAIN!

Everything points toward an insolvency event  in GREECE!! Can the MERKEL PLAN be accepted by southern

European states who have been living over their means for years??If plan fails probably Germany will issue Elite Bonds

together with other AAA rated countries and plan for a EUROZONE in 2 velocities on a bilateral basis.

The answer will soon be heard!

LENFRED Wishes A HAPPY END for EOROZONE and a Merry Christmas.

To be continued by new Year!

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