19 Nov



David Cameron visit Angela Merkel in Berlin: Britain afraid of  possible European Superstate run from Berlin.

Financial transaction tax a  hot potato for  BANK CITY LONDON.What scared Cameron most is certainly

the German Foreign affair Minister Westerwelle proposal draft  of EU FUTURE with furter integration and

mechanism to handle insolvency states exit procedure.This is a document very well critiziced in Germany and I must say

done with typical GERMAN  thoroughness.A deeper EU integration etc nothing appealing to BRITAIN often

threatening to leave the EU community angering European Top Leaders.ZUR ZUKUNFT der EU( In GERMAN)



Uptil now Waffen Merkel is the primary protagonist defender of the EURO. Hopefuly very soon her

responsibility will be supported by ECB BAZOOKA with unlimited resources to kiss Good Bye to

speculators. Merkel then shortly armed with the ultimate weapon BAZOOKA (Quote Cameron Friday 18th).

This weapon provide unlimited power and will subdue any speculator threating EUROZONE countries and FORTRESS EUROPE.Wehrmacht EURO run by the FRANKFURTER GRUPPE is starting a war campaign to defeat intrusers

from speculating in Sovereign BOND markets.Once again GERMAN aspirations towards a fourth REICH will

be embraced by fellow EUROZONE members today under siege from Market. Primary reason for the current anomaly is evident.When countries give up their sovereign currency in favour of a common currency without own central BANK with capacity to buy and sell their BONDS dedicated to protect the currency from speculators.Instead now they are facing speculation against their BONDS claiming higher rates looking for windfall profits if country default and all bought

CDS insurances will be payed out and almost like clockwork UK CITY BANKS and a few WALL STREET issuers of CDS

instrument will be forced to pay out premium and once again the 2008 Crash RELOAD like LEHMAN BROTHERS.

Understandable a worried OBAMA and Cameron begging MERKEL for acting decisive to avoid the GLOBAL ABYSS.

Merkel fully aware of UK and US panic in case of a mayor default within the EUROZONE.Her background born in

Hamburg and raised in old Eastern Germany have a diferent political view on capitalism behaviour and not give in

by Financial Mafia arguments in solving crisis.A Financial transaction tax is her priority certainly refused by UK

with 30% of GDP  coming from CITY BANKS.US much the same story!



The glory days of the GLOBAL MINOTAUR  that feed both these Financial centres is OVER!

The Global Minotaur  Now Germany want to recycle their surplus within the EU and not via UK CITY BANKS

to WALL STREET! Ideally for the EU will be a GLOBAL surplus mechanism recycled through EIB(European Investment Bank) to  support investments in entire EU area.CHINA , JAPAN  and other surplus economies certainly interested

in supporting 30% of their export. We are now in search mode how to finance EU and US debt burdens by a GLOBAL

surplus recycling with origin ASIA and BRAZIL. On the road toward EURO as a RESERVE CURRENCY!



EPFA= European Public Finance Autority.Monetary Union Stability EPFA. This institution issues EUROZONE public debt BONDS the ECB is allowed to TRADE in MARKET.

The EURO was created in an era of Neoliberal Political and Intellectual  dominace.

*Fiscal policy ineffective

*Money neutral and effect of it´s growth INFLATION “Hated by GERMANS)

In case of US and UK they have used their Central Banks to press down Bond rates to very low levels and so

avoiding much of debt crisis.



This will contribute to the advance of the political project of a democratic Federal Europe .

This solution is attractive without need of a Fiscal Union and designed to keep INFLATION in control.

A must for GERMAN approval!


To be Continued……

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