16 Nov



EURO CRISIS getting worsened by Political uncertainty rooming around GREECE,ITALY new parlamentary capacity to enforce

from EU dictated austerity measures.Last days tendency of increased PANIC in BOND MARKETS spreads to smaller Eurozone

nations so far not reached. This new avalanche of FEAR showing in increased demand for GERMAN BONDS now at

record low rates.Everything pointing towards GERMANY as sole last defence to avoid a EUROZONE rupture in one

way or another.Responsibility on GERMAN Political leaders to raise Horizon  outside domestic politics and show

courage to ATTACK current turmoil with swift decisive concerted ACTIONS!



When time for political consensus by treaty changes like a POLITICAL and FISCAL UNION is running short including kick out of GREECE

A short term TACTICAL STRATEGY must be approved fast.First by GERMAN,FRENCH,ECB,IMF leaders in summary the so called

FRANKFURTER GRUPPE faces it´s largest challenge!



The only option is an agressive declaration from Mr Draghi ECB to start buying BONDS from GREECE,ITALY,SPAIN in a massive way like

in US QE(Quantitative Easing) programs to increase money supply M2 by printing new EURO bills.Now buying directly in the

primary Market not through BANKS.Mr Geithner US Treasury Secretary have been claiming this step for a long time without

European response. GERMANY must rethink view on inflation risk in a new recession threatening any GROWTH chances.

An idea about a fast and slow growing EUROZONE must be abandoned. Now it´s the FIRE BRIGADE ECB on URGENT CALL!

The main reason for the grave debt crisis is one simple element lacking in all southern European countries.

“FISCAL DISCIPLINE” not at all caused by MARKETS. If  that can be implemented in a solid fashion the idea of EURO-BONDS

issued by ECB covering up to 60% of countries DEBT can be realized and EURO CRISIS be over and done!

Today the EU Commission declared INTENTIONS in this direction at last!



Only short term way forward is continued substantial HAIRCUTS and then taking over INSOLVENT BANKS.

Make possible GREECE exit from EUROZONE! That will relieve pressure on ITALY,SPAIN. A GREECE devaluation combined

with decisive austerity program will almost always restore Economic HEALTH .Example SWEDEN 1992.



Formation of a new GLOBAL surplus recycling mechanism is of vital importance to replace the “GLOBAL MINOTAUR”(Constant influx

money to Wall Street) who died in the 2008 Financial Crash Meltdown. To this task IMF can contribute as defender of WORLD

ECONOMIC STABILITY. Emergent countries with a surplus can link to support a new GLOBAL SURPLUS MECHANISM not

only to defend US HEGEMONY structure with the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY that can be printed at own will!

China and other strong surplus economies is now challenging the USD position as sole WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY.

To be noticed that almost all CENTRAL BANKS have been NET buying GOLD since 1st Q 2009 a sign of lowered confidence

in USD future value! Sign  to hedge against a possible future DOLLAR COLLAPSE?!

Destabilization of World Economy is partly due to CHINA unwilling to reevaluate it´s currency against USD!


To be continued…..

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