18 Oct



Monday 17th Mrs Merkel warned for realism in wake of the OCT 23rd EuroZone SUMMIT.

A final solution to the current debt crisis is still a long term project containing delicate political

agreements on EURO constitutional implications.Market desire for a quick fix dream solution is definately not

on the table.Just expanding overrated expectations in order to feed the Speculation BEAST for more HEFTY

short term GAINS.Rating Institutes throwing out downgrades in Euro Zone on an almost daily basis adding

momentum for the Wicked Market actors driven by the DARKSIDE with BIG BETS for feeding their GREED whatever

happens to the 99% now mounting a CLASSWAR to change “The Game Plan” by worldwide demonstrations demanding

THE NEW GLOBAL PLAN with a reformed Financial system that must contribute in a massive way to Feed and Jobcreation

for the 99%.New Taxes now unheard off and likely must be implemented by law to beat the BANK LOBBY MONSTER.



For sure if no sustained Economic Growth over time debt burden will not diminish any time soon.This goes for both Europe&US.

Austerity within limits for a Growth an equation not easy resolved.Crucial is how to recapitilise the BANKS.

SOROS idea with a Blanket Guarantee using ECB in exchange for the Banks keep lending the private sector.ECB interest rate

to be dropped to 0.25% from 1.25%. It will fail because the Banks take the Guarantee  for new derivative deals and remain

on Credit strike.Only way forward is a centrally Forced recapitilisation by using the EFSF fund into a EURO TARP program.

No doubt our Politicians incapable to launch such a feat. A cosmetic Haircut of Greece at 50% level and mounting a TURBO EFSF

is no solution either. EURO BOND package as outlined in the MODEST PROPOSAL by Yanis Varoufakis is presently

blocked by GERMAN domestic&Governmental alliances. Let´s see what Mr Barosso comes up with in his quest to find

an acceptable EURO BOND solution  proposal.

OCT. 23rd a coherent PLAN will be presented from EUROZONE top leaders.

It´s shortcomings will come to open leading EuroZone into new Turmoil or comes New stabilising elements leading

path out from the DARKSIDE.??

Tactics Wins BATTLES

Strategy wins WAR


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