13 Oct



Current economic crisis is really a merger of several elements that coincide in time to complicate solutions

with longer time frames. At some time world leaders have to quickly decide on course of action without

a solid understanding how to apply the correct remedy in each moment. In time of great changes all modern

Economic theories fall short because of Inherent Error due to sudden crash effects outside the normal

statistical scope.

In summary the Crisis elements:

1.The current debt crisis in US&Europe

2.Bank Crisis initially caused by US subprime mortgages packed in CDO´s “Collateral debt obligation” and insured by

CDS “Credit default swaps”.How much of this spillover currently hold by European Banks is Unknown!

3.Scarcing Natural Resources as PEAK OIL( End of Cheap oil as we know it) means new explorations harder

to locate  with much higher costs.This have an exponential effect when demand >supply with drasticly raised prices.

During last 3 years the curve is FLAT so just in balance ready to take off  some time in not to distant future.

In detail this is described in the CRASH COURSE to be found at .I will eludate more extensively

in future posts  on the  subject THE GREAT CRASH AHEAD.In summary the next 20 years will have no comparison

to any similar earlier period.These drastic changes will invoke enormous effects in our everyday life forming





Everything at this time is pointing to a GREECE default=Bankruptcy. News from recent visit by the TROIKA

ECB;IMF;EU to Athens is not painting a nice picture.An overcorrupted state in collapse phase!

Germany is not willing to bailout BANKS a second time in 3years.Meaning pay GREECE the Money they owes to

the BANKS.This time a GREECE default will be followed by a FORCED RECAPITILISATION much like the

US TARP of 2008( Troubled asset relief program). Now the Banks  will be taken over by the STATE and BANKERS lose control. An end to GREED? Then a GIFT FROM HEAVEN.



If crisis were additive,quasi-linear and static give easy calculations of FUNDS to secure situation.

BUT CRISIS is highly non-linear and violently dynamic in nature as described by some ECONOMISTS.

RESULT: A very HIGH RISK spreading to other vulnerable countries like ITALY;SPAIN. Even with an

expanded EFSF or TURBO EFSF. Eurozone crisis is systemic and must be dealt with as such.

Let´s hope the EUROZONE SUMMIT 23 oct provide new light into a more systematic solution!

Direction toward a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE  could pave a new fundament of stability.


A word of help from the DARKSIDE



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