4 Oct

Recent turmoil in EuroZone Greece,Spain,Italy,Portugal.


Austerity measures on public services etc. only lead to less GROWTH and more UNEMPLOYMENT

resulting in incremented rates on issued BONDS.SELFDESTRUCTION! “EURO BONDS solve this easy!”

The greatest WALL STREET PIGS Goldmann Sachs today claim Spain will come in recession coming

quarters.Why not wait on Spanish statistic figures? Rumours with a bad intention smell to increased stress

 and questioning EUROZONE FUTURE.I call it a declaration of WAR !!These WALL STREET PIGS have to

be brought down on their knees ASAP with State takeover to clean out all GREEDY Management culture

and imply new ethic values in investment values.Means of the few for the cause of the many goes the new melody.

May” THE NEW BOTTOM LINE” US movement with help of web Newspaper “NATION OF CHANGE”wake up US public

to once and forall responsibilize the true creators  of current GLOBAL MESS ECONOMY status.Media blackout is Total?WHY??

Where is the US spirit of freedom for speech gone??Suddenly turned into dictatorship run from Washington or WALL STREET???

A small Financial transaction tax as proposed in Europe is too marginal!People want JUSTICE NOW!

Rating instituts all NY based should be banned by European authorities replaced with EUROZONE based such.

It´s pitiful see how US officials all drive a blame game against EU incapacity to quickly resolve GREECE situation.

US ECONOMY is not a thiny bit better shape and facing even worse problems with a Dollar once backed by a GOLD standard

“Ended by NIXON administration”.Today USD only backed by exponentially growing debt burden seems doomed!

OBAMA try solve that one! instead of driving a Blame Game towards European continent.

QUOTING Austrian Economist “Ludwig von Misen”


There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by CREDIT EXPANSION”.

The alternative is only whether tha crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntarily abandonment of

further credit expansion or latter as a final and total catastrophe of the CURRENCY system involved.

Today valid for candidates: GREECE,EURO,USD  in order of default.

Let´s say we are at the BRINK of a GLOBAL Economy BREAKDOWN!


Urgently action 1: End of BLAME GAME and achieve consensus on a joint plan US,EU,China,Russia,Japon on how

to form framework conditions for a Global Economic Recovery sustainable.A NEW GLOBAL DEAL &CURRENCY.

EUROZONE: Finalize a plan B how to secure  GREECE HAIRCUT in best possible way.Plant proposal for “More Europe”

with fiscal union.Introduce EURO BONDS as “MODEST PROPOSAL” by Yanis Varoufakis NOW!


US: A plan to take back the lost Americam Dream in a new format.!STOP Corporate GREED.Pay back time is NOW!

US urgently need Jobcreation funding without more debt burden.Just steal back from CORRUPTED BANKS!

Question: IS USD days as a world reserve currency coming to an end?Do we need another new currency on GLOBAL SCALE??

WARNING: US DOLLAR today only backed by ever increasing DEBT.Maybe we need a currency that correlates with

a GLOBAL DEBT system.??




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