15 Sep

Political efforts in handling current Euro Crisis  with the GREECE  debt restructuring is a task never before confronted.Just during this

last week internal German debate heated up by various proposals on the GREECE restructuring plans.Merkel is pressed from both party friends and actual coalition partner.Expanding the rescue Fund is mounting political resistance on abroad front.Demand on Greece austerity measures is

falling short.A more or less uncontrollable Scenario is surging.Exit Euro or a Controlled Insolvency procedure is on the table for GREECE.

Both alternatives share a high price and possible Domino effects and defaulting Banks.Way out of mess is now coming to decision time.

Yanis Varoufakis Economic Prof. University of  Athens creator of “Modest Proposal Euro Bonds solution” in explains exactly what will

happen if these procedures are realized

Euro Bonds would certainly be a solution but need  more time to fully gain political majority to implement a deeper fiscal union etc.

EU President Barroso announced that the EU Commission will propose introduction of Euro Bonds as means to linger the current

Euro Crisis.This will alleviate Bond rates for the most suffering member states.China with BRIC economies is prepared to actively

purchase such Bonds when activated. A Global economy is apparent with helping hand from other continenent economies.

China is pressing for a Global Financial Market reformation&regulation initiative.

Goal is a competitive Europe as a Global Economic player.


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