Expecting Days of Thunder

10 Sep

This last week have reveiled some surprising events that has severed the current Euro- Crisis.

Mr Starks resignment from the post as Chiefeconom at the  ECB sent the Euro to a 9month low.

Increased concerns about passing second bailout package for Greece within German Government after

bad news from Greece on their austerity efforts.Obamas new stimulus package proposal  another shot to

heal an ailing jobmarket in the US.Are we facing a new round of recession? The G7 meeting gives nothing close

to a solution just more of the same promises supplying liquidity if needed.Many European Banks on brink of failure but

politicians ignore signs and warnings from IMF Mrs Lagarde.Decision makers more and more cornered for support how

to go forward.Evaluation of implementing Euro Bonds started in a working group.They should call up Dr  Yanis

Varoufakis to give them his Modest Proposal to get them a leap jump toward a final Euro Crisis solution.

Concerned Euro Citizen


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